Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mary's Meals

  Yesterday a lady came into talk to us about mary's meals which is a charity that provides some of the poorest children in the world with a hot meal if they attend school.  She told us about the backpack appeal.                                                               The backpack appeal provides these children with a school bag containing some essential items to help them learn and come to school.  As a school we are supporting this appeal and can bring backpacks in a t the start of the new school term in August.  So it is that time again that we all need to pack our bags to send to children who are not as lucky as us in places that are in danger.                                            Here is a list of things that they need: backpack, notepad, pencils,pens, crayons, rubber, ruler, sharpener, pencil case, towel, shorts or skirt, T- shirt or dress, flipflops or sandals,small ball e.g. tennis ball,soap, toothbrush,toothpaste and a spoon. Please do not put anything else in the bag thank you.           Please help us to support this worthwhile charity.        Here is a link to mary's meals website.                     Mary's Meals                                                                        By the ICT Club

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