Sunday, 23 August 2015

Our First Week Back in P6/7!

The class have had a productive and fun first week back after the summer, showing me everything they have remembered (and forgotten!) over the summer holidays.  

Since I am a new face to the school, we spent the week getting to know each other, setting our expectations and hopes for the year and discussing exciting ideas to cover in the first term.  We played a lot of mental maths and language games (Countdown has taken off particularly well!) to get our brains back into gear for the hard work ahead, chose the children's new Reading Circle groups, wrote our life stories pretending we were 80 years old and did some Maths revision of basic whole number addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations up to 4 and 5-digit numbers.  

The children also impressed with their creativity, imagination and communication skills during a Drama lesson in which they had to concoct a plan of action to retrieve gold bars which had been stolen - as a performer myself, I enjoyed immensely the children's enthusiasm and high levels of participation and performance in the walkthrough of their cunning plans!

I cannot speak for the children, but I can say without doubt that my first week at Gartocharn Primary School has been extremely enjoyable, informative and welcoming.   I very much look forward to the rest of the school year and to seeing what the children and I will be teaching each other.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Mary's meals backpack appeal

Just a wee reminder that we are supporting Mary's meals backpack project at school. You can hand in the filled backpacks once we return to school.  

Here is the information on what to include. 

Thanks for your support with this.