Sunday, 6 September 2015

Keep your eye on the clock! Week 3.

We started our new numeracy topic this week - Time!  We began with some interactive games and quizzes to remind ourselves what we already know about 12hr and 24hr clocks, and then went on to look at converting between the two.  Next week, we will be moving on to look at timetables and international time zones.    

We were also introduced to a new mental language and maths game called Mallett's Mallet - I'm sure some of our adults will remember this from their childhood!

In literacy we have had a go at writing an explanation text; we will now look at some examples of what makes a good explanation and will decide on our writing assessment criteria for this term together.

We also started our topic activities for this term - We're Building An Endangered Species Zoo!  After some animal sorting/classification work, the children researched different kinds of endangered animals and also looked into the main issues concerning wildlife conservation, how animals are becoming endangered and how we can help the cause.  Each of the groups will now work towards building their own endangered species enclosure for the zoo which will be located in the school woodland at the end of term.

We are all now well into the swing of the first term and all have our hard-work heads on, much to the delight of Miss McLaren!

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