Sunday, 6 September 2015

P7 - Experiential Learning Trip

The P7s and Miss McLaren were lucky to take part in a day of experiential learning workshops in Community Safety at Dalmuir CE on Wednesday, alongside several other schools from West Dunbartonshire.  The children learned how they could make safe choices regarding fire, train safety, petty crime, litter, knife crime, drugs and alcohol issues, as well as how to provide first aid to someone who appears to be unconscious but breathing and with a heartbeat.  I'm quite sure that, after witnessing the chip pan fireball, no one will be trying to extinguish one of those with water any time soon!

The children also had the opportunity to make some new friends when they were mixed up in groups of the other children, making the day valuable in so many ways.

Unfortunately, as there were children from other schools involved, it was not possible to take photographs of our children participating in the workshops.  Miss McLaren was mightily impressed with the Gartocharn children's levels of participation and engagement, though.

Well done, P7s!

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