Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Sound Pictures

While most of the P6/7 class were away at the West Dunbartonshire Primary Schools Football Festival yesterday (where they represented the school in splendid fashion!), the remaining children accompanied Miss McLaren in looking after Mrs Little's P4/5 class for the morning.  We played a big game of Rumbled! (ask the children to explain it to you) before we divided ourselves up in to groups and created sound pictures for Halloween.    

We had to decide a spooky location for the setting of our picture, and then decide what we could see and hear there.  We drew our journeys through these creepy and sinister places in the style of a map, and had to see what we could find around the class and in the musical instruments in the school to represent the noises we wanted to replicate : scratchy strings on the violin made excellent creaky gate sounds, a bag of shells was perfect to represent creepy, crunchy foot steps on stone and a small cymbal used in different ways was great for the lowering and shutting of the drawbridge to a haunted castle.  The children were very creative with both their stories and their sounds, and each group was offered feedback by their peers after their performance.  

It turned out to be a very fun and productive morning!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Oh, the fun of packing...

Breakfast has been had and it's now time to pack our rooms away.  The children aren't too happy about the packing side of things, as you can see, and they are excited but a bit sad to be coming home as they've had such a good time.

Child: Miss McLaren, my clothes don't fit in my case.
Miss McLaren: Did they all arrive in that case?
Child: Yep.
Miss McLaren: Then they do fit in the case.  Have you folded them or crammed them in?
Child:  (turning pink) Crammed.
Miss McLaren: (Teacher look.)
Child: (Turns and silently returns to dorm.)

The children will be spending some time having a debrief with their instructors and then a spot of lunch before we leave at 12pm.  We'll see you soon!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Disco fun!

A great time has been had by all at tonight's disco! Lots of dancing and bouncing! Hopefully we'll have some very tired children tonight. 

Our last full day (sniff sniff!)

Our last day here at Ardentinny has gone very quickly and we're all very tired but looking forward to having fun at the disco tonight.

Group 1 had a fun-filled day doing team challenges in the grounds this morning and rock hopping at the beach this afternoon.  Some of the children (and Mrs Little!) were a bit nervous about the rock hopping but ended up having a great time and even jumped from rocks into the water.  They also had great fun playing around in the waves.  The team challenges saw Hollie scaling the height of a tower of milk crates and she wasn't scared in the slightest.  The challenges were a good way for the children to see how good they were at certain elements of successful group working and what they had to work on in future.

Group 2 started the day with canoeing on Loch Long in the glorious sunshine - it was weirdly warm for October!    The children had to canoe up to a Spanish fisherman's boat to retrieve an oar that a previous group had lost the week before!  After managing to stay dry for the entire session, most of the children jumped right into the loch at the end to get wet!  The afternoon saw the children orienteering around the grounds of the centre, gaining some vital life skills which we will endeavour to enhance when we get back to school.  'The Eating Elephants'  group (Emily, Jill, Olivia and Caitlin from Rockfield) won the 20 target challenge!

Group 3 had a fantastic time building shelters in the woods on their forest walk and sampling the delights that nature had to offer.  The afternoon was gorge walking (with Miss McLaren)  - great fun but very, very cold and very, very wet!  We covered our faces in mud, slid down rocks into pools and climbed waterfalls.  The children were all very enthusiastic although some of them weren't so fond of the cold, wet welly thing.

Pick-up arrangements for Friday

We have been advised that we will be leaving the centre at about 12pm tomorrow, meaning that we will arrive at school around 1:30pm.  If there are any issues we will contact the school to warn of any delays, but we expect to be there at or around that time for the children to be picked up.

Mya and Scott's day 4 report

Today was awesome.  We did lots of cool things.

My (Scott) group did canoeing and orienteering today.  Canoeing was good.  We did it on Loch Long.  We were rafted together with another boat.  I was in with Emily, Harry, David, Fraser and John.  We got to go up to a fishing boat and they gave us an oar that they had found last week from another group.  The orienteering was fun as we got to run around the forest.  I am looking forward to the disco tonight.

My (Mya) group went on a forest group and gorge walking today.  For the forest walk we went out and climbed up a hill and we built dens.  There was two groups - Gartocharn and Rockfield.  We had lunch on teh beach then we went and played in the sand.  In the afternoon we went gorge walking.  It was freezing.  We climbed up a big pipe and we ended up waist deep in water.  Then we got to either jump in or slide in to a big pool of water.  It was so much fun.

by Scott and Mya

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Halfway point - we're rockin' and hoppin'!

We've hit the halfway point here at Ardentinny and it has been another extremely busy day.  The children have really settled into the centre routines and are representing Gartocharn PS in fine fashion.  One of the Rockfield teachers today complimented our very own Ruaridh as being extremely helpful and an "absolute superstar".    It's lovely to see the children getting on so well with Rockfield children and staff alike.

Mr McDonald headed back to school this morning and was replaced by Miss Little, who seemed very happy to accompany group 3 on their canoeing and orienteering activities.  

Miss McLaren spent the day with group 2.  The morning session consisted of several team building activities and challenges to test how well the group had gelled so far - it seems they are very good at some things and not so good at others, but they now know what they have to work on for the rest of the week.  Most of the children scaled an abseil pole right to the top - what a feat!  Some had been very scared of the height of the climb but challenged themselves and felt like champions afterwards.    The afternoon session was spent rock hopping around the beach and rocks at Ardentinny beach, which the children attacked with relish.  After working about the best and safest ways to negotiate the rocks, the children were able to jump into Loch Long (safely!).  The water was freezing!!!  Everyone in the group took the plunge, even though some found it especially scary but they were all up to the challenge!

(Note - there are only some of Miss McLaren's photos here as there has been a bit of technical issue this evening.  She will ensure they are all uploaded tomorrow once we have it sorted out.)

Mrs Little spent the day with group 3.  In the morning they went canoeing which was a challenge for some of them and took them out of their comfort zone.  They went down to Loch Eck for this activity. They learned how to safely paddle through the water and got to play games in such as canoe football and collect the balls challenge.  The fruit salad game was a challenge for Mrs Little as she was nervous about the canoes capsizing!  Lillybelle and Lisa were very brave and intentionally capsized their canoes into the water and swam to shore at the end.  In the afternoon they tried their hand at different orienteering activities around the centre grounds.

Group 1 today started their day with a forest walk and spent their afternoon gorge walking.  Again this took a lot of them out of their comfort zone and challenged them. 

Tonight the children learned a bit about search and rescue and then went out into the centre grounds to take part in some activities such as looking for different things in a given area and looking for an injured dummy which they then had to design a rescue plan for.