Monday, 5 October 2015

Day 1 - In Ardentinny by David and Olivia and Lily-Belle

We  travelled  by bus, it was a long drive but it was worth it all. When we got there, an adult named Clare showed us how to make a bed, it looks easy but it's not. The girls found it easier, but the boys weren't as fast. After that we went to pack our stuff away. Next we went to have lunch. For lunch we had potato with cheese or tuna. Soon we met our group and we went for a long, long, walk. It felt like we were lost, and we were out for some HOURS, and it felt like for one hour or 30 minutes. all we were doing was exploring but it felt exciting,thrilling and adventurous even though we were wet, tired and cold. We went through bogs,woods and wild seas that splashed in our red faces. For dinner we had fish and chips with melon and yoghurt for desert. But tonight we will be night walking in the dark which sounds extremely exciting!

David, Olivia and Lily - Belle

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  1. Sound like you've had a busy day