Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Day 2 - we're all dripping wet!

Our group activities commenced today and most of us have ended up a wee bitty wet at some point!  After breakfast (at 8am!) the children met with their instructors to find out their kit requirements for the day and then they were off.

In the morning, Group 1 (Kyle, Jarrod, Ruaridh, Katie, Hollie and Morven along with Logan, Finlay, Katie and Amy from Rockfield PS) were out canoeing on Loch Eck with Mr McDonald and their instructor for the week, Neil, with a wee swim added in at the end for good measure.  In the afternoon the group was orienteering in the grounds around the centre and the sun came out to make the afternoon even better. Everyone successfully negotiated the map and legend to find 20 different targets

Group 2's (Scott, Jill, David, Fraser, Emily and Penny along with Harry, John, Caitlin and Anna from Rockfield PS) morning activity was a forest walk in the rain with a practice at a mini gorge walk, which was to be their afternoon activity.  Group 2's instructor is Chris and this is his first week at the centre, but he is fantastic with the children, very adventurous and very funny.  Chris introduced the children to wood sorrel and bilberries and they all picked their own and had a taste - apparently the wood sorrel tasted like Tangfastics!  The children had an attempt at building shelters but we had to shorten the exercise to stop being eaten by midges.  You should see Miss McLaren's face - she's covered.  The afternoon was gorgewalking with Mr McDonald and was very, very tiring!  Everyone returned to the centre dripping wet with wellies full of water, but also with big smiles on their faces.

Group 3 (Willow, Lily-Belle, Mya, Lisa, Aimee and Olivia along with Josie, Caitlyn, Reece, Neil and Owen from Rockfield  PS) started the morning with a Team Challenge activity along with their instructor Gareth.  This consisted of a number of team building challenges and obstacle courses - some were much harder than others!  "There was quite a lot of falling over and lots of laughs" (Mohaupt, L-B., 2015).  In the afternoon the group went Rock Hopping which is rock climbing next to the sea with lots of jumping in and splashing about.  Lots of children started out very nervous but faced their fears and jumped right in.

The groups will be swapping around activities tomorrow - they're all very excited to get stuck into what they've been hearing all about from their friends today.

The children are all currently ensconced in indoor team-building activities including team jenga, draw the instructor and indoor bowling.  Their teamworking skills are being tested and challenged which will be extremely useful in their groupwork for the rest of the week.

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