Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Halfway point - we're rockin' and hoppin'!

We've hit the halfway point here at Ardentinny and it has been another extremely busy day.  The children have really settled into the centre routines and are representing Gartocharn PS in fine fashion.  One of the Rockfield teachers today complimented our very own Ruaridh as being extremely helpful and an "absolute superstar".    It's lovely to see the children getting on so well with Rockfield children and staff alike.

Mr McDonald headed back to school this morning and was replaced by Miss Little, who seemed very happy to accompany group 3 on their canoeing and orienteering activities.  

Miss McLaren spent the day with group 2.  The morning session consisted of several team building activities and challenges to test how well the group had gelled so far - it seems they are very good at some things and not so good at others, but they now know what they have to work on for the rest of the week.  Most of the children scaled an abseil pole right to the top - what a feat!  Some had been very scared of the height of the climb but challenged themselves and felt like champions afterwards.    The afternoon session was spent rock hopping around the beach and rocks at Ardentinny beach, which the children attacked with relish.  After working about the best and safest ways to negotiate the rocks, the children were able to jump into Loch Long (safely!).  The water was freezing!!!  Everyone in the group took the plunge, even though some found it especially scary but they were all up to the challenge!

(Note - there are only some of Miss McLaren's photos here as there has been a bit of technical issue this evening.  She will ensure they are all uploaded tomorrow once we have it sorted out.)

Mrs Little spent the day with group 3.  In the morning they went canoeing which was a challenge for some of them and took them out of their comfort zone.  They went down to Loch Eck for this activity. They learned how to safely paddle through the water and got to play games in such as canoe football and collect the balls challenge.  The fruit salad game was a challenge for Mrs Little as she was nervous about the canoes capsizing!  Lillybelle and Lisa were very brave and intentionally capsized their canoes into the water and swam to shore at the end.  In the afternoon they tried their hand at different orienteering activities around the centre grounds.

Group 1 today started their day with a forest walk and spent their afternoon gorge walking.  Again this took a lot of them out of their comfort zone and challenged them. 

Tonight the children learned a bit about search and rescue and then went out into the centre grounds to take part in some activities such as looking for different things in a given area and looking for an injured dummy which they then had to design a rescue plan for.


  1. Well done Ruaridh, you are making your Mum and Dad feel very proud.
    Ruaridh's Mum and Dad

  2. It looks as though everyone is having a fantastic time! Great daily reports and photos. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  3. Fantastic to see so many smiling, happy faces! Have a great day today and enjoy your disco tonight. Karen (Mya's mum)