Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Sound Pictures

While most of the P6/7 class were away at the West Dunbartonshire Primary Schools Football Festival yesterday (where they represented the school in splendid fashion!), the remaining children accompanied Miss McLaren in looking after Mrs Little's P4/5 class for the morning.  We played a big game of Rumbled! (ask the children to explain it to you) before we divided ourselves up in to groups and created sound pictures for Halloween.    

We had to decide a spooky location for the setting of our picture, and then decide what we could see and hear there.  We drew our journeys through these creepy and sinister places in the style of a map, and had to see what we could find around the class and in the musical instruments in the school to represent the noises we wanted to replicate : scratchy strings on the violin made excellent creaky gate sounds, a bag of shells was perfect to represent creepy, crunchy foot steps on stone and a small cymbal used in different ways was great for the lowering and shutting of the drawbridge to a haunted castle.  The children were very creative with both their stories and their sounds, and each group was offered feedback by their peers after their performance.  

It turned out to be a very fun and productive morning!

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