Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mya and Scott's day 4 report

Today was awesome.  We did lots of cool things.

My (Scott) group did canoeing and orienteering today.  Canoeing was good.  We did it on Loch Long.  We were rafted together with another boat.  I was in with Emily, Harry, David, Fraser and John.  We got to go up to a fishing boat and they gave us an oar that they had found last week from another group.  The orienteering was fun as we got to run around the forest.  I am looking forward to the disco tonight.

My (Mya) group went on a forest group and gorge walking today.  For the forest walk we went out and climbed up a hill and we built dens.  There was two groups - Gartocharn and Rockfield.  We had lunch on teh beach then we went and played in the sand.  In the afternoon we went gorge walking.  It was freezing.  We climbed up a big pipe and we ended up waist deep in water.  Then we got to either jump in or slide in to a big pool of water.  It was so much fun.

by Scott and Mya


  1. So proud of you all taking on this amazing challenge! Have a great disco!

  2. Above Message from: Karen McVean xx