Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christmas Crafts

On Monday 23rd November Primary 6/7 made our Christmas crafts for the Advent Fair. We made little Santa Claus and Snowman keyrings and Mrs Simmers came in to make them with us. She also went to the other classes. Primary 4/5 made little cardboard decorations covered in tissue paper, primary 2/3 made little polystyrene snowmen to put on your table and they also made little reindeer tree decorations and primary 1/2 made little snow flake decorations. They will all be on sale at the Advent Fair on Friday 4th December. It would be great to come along and enjoy a fun afternoon.  

Image result for clip art christmas tree                                              

By The ICT Club

Christmas show

Primary 6/7 have been working on our Christmas show it is going to be a "Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special." We did a drama lesson to see who was going to get the main parts of the show. We are starting to get really excited and we are rehearsing so much. Everyone is getting to know their lines. We are hoping that a lot of people will be able to come and enjoy the show.

By The ICT Club

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Athletics Festival

On Thursday 19th November the primary 6/7 went to the athletics festival at the Meadow Centre. We had to compete in lots of different events against 7 other school. The field events were standing long jump, standing triple jump, chest push, shot put, javelin and speed bounce. The track events are the over/under relay, the 1+1 relay, the 1+2 relay, the 2+2 relay, the 6 lap paarlauf and the 4x1 relay. We came in third place which means we have an other chance to get to the final and also the girls got the best score out of all of the girl by far.

By The ICT Club

spaghetti bridges

Today we made spaghetti bridges.To build the spaghetti bridges we only had a handful of elastic bands, cellotape and spaghetti. They had to be able to stand up free handed with a 250g bag of sugar on it with out falling down. We were making the bridges as our topic is engineering and we were doing an engineering challenge. Most of us finished them and they all looked really good.

By The ICT Club

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sports Superstars

The Sports super stars have  split into seven groups and discussed our action plans for the year ahead. 
These are some of our Actions:

  • We are wanting to start horse riding lessons as an after school club.
  • We are wanting to have a skiing taster session or lessons for the school
  • We are also looking to try and get mountain bikes for the school.
  • We also have been looking into having a fun run for the school.
  • We are also trying to have a hike or a walk for the school
  • We are also trying to have swimming or water sports
  • We are also trying to go and see  live rugby. 
We have a lot to try and do.  If any parents are able to help with any of our Actions please get in touch with the Sports Superstars by emailing Mr McDonald : and he will forward it on to us.

Sports Superstars Secretary

Monday, 16 November 2015

Battery Recycling

The Eco Warrior’s would like you to recycle batteries by bringing them into school because if they go to the dump, they will leak chemicals. We have a box for the batteries and they will go to a factory and be broken down and made into new batteries.  

The batteries are made from important resources and chemicals including lead, cadmium, zinc, lithium and mercury. If the batteries went to the landfill site, the battery cases would eventually corrode and chemicals would leak out which would cause soil and water pollution.  If they are incinerated with household items they will cause air pollution.

This is why we are trying to encourage everyone to recycle their batteries so please start sending them into school to be put in our big red box.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Children in Need Pyjama Day

Well done to everyone who came to school today dressed in their PJs with crazy bed hair.  You all looked fabulous!  Thanks to everyone who donated money and bought Pudsey wrist bands.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Pasta and Bridges?

The children had a practical engineering challenge as part of their topic lesson today, and were solving the problem of how to use what they have learned so far about bridges to design a free-standing bridge which could support a 250g bag of sugar, but using only spaghetti, rubber bands and sticky tape.   

We have talked a lot about how triangles are a shape frequently used in bridge design due to their excellent ability to support structures and improve stability, so we decided it would be wise to try to include them in our construction.

The children were very excited to get started on their challenge and had a brilliant first attempt, with lots of different designs, although some were more successful than others.  We will be revisiting each group's design and construction to see what they planned well, and how it could be made even better.

(This challenge  is a STEM challenge designed and set by the James Dyson Foundation.)

Pyjama and Bed Head Day

Just a reminder about the Pyjama and Bed Head day that is taking place on Friday 13th November (tomorrow).  This has been organised by the Globe Trotters and all the money raised will go to Children In Need.  If you want to come to school in your pyjamas and have crazy bed hair then just remember to bring a £1.  Pudsey wristbands will be on sale tomorrow at morning break for £1 each We are looking forward to seeing everyone dressed in their pyjamas with crazy hair!
By the ICT Club

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Young Engineers

We were engineers for a day as we headed on our trip to The Forth Crossing Education Centre to learn about both of the Forth Bridges and the new Queensferry Crossing.  The view from the exhibition room where our workshop was held was fantastic - all three bridges, right before our noses!  Unfortunately it was a bit misty to start with, although it soon cleared up a bit and our view got even better.

The children began by looking at the Traffic Scotland control room (which looks like an incident room from a big movie!) and the miniature models of all of the bridges (which we found out were made by a specialist company in Glasgow) before settling down to a presentation about the new bridge from Elaine, a civil engineer who was our host for the morning.  Elaine asked a lot of questions to see how much we had already learned about bridges in advance, and told me at the end that she was extremely impressed with the children's knowledge and understanding of how the bridges worked.  Well done, P6/7!

The presentation showed and told us how they have been going about building the new crossing and described the engineering problems which had to be overcome when building a bridge over water.  We learned all about caissons which are big empty drums that are twisted down into the rock under the seabed and then filled with concrete, and how the engineers worked out how to fill it up from the bottom so that the first concrete they pumped in would turn to watery sludge, but this sludge would protect the concrete pumping in underneath it, allowing it to dry and driving the water out of the top of the caisson.  Although it seems like a better idea to just empty the water out first, Elaine explained that doing that would be like pouring out all the fizzy juice from a can and then squeezing it, making it crumple up - there would be nothing inside to push against the force of all the water on the outside of the caisson, and so the same would happen.

After learning about how the towers were then built up out of moulded concrete, we were shown how the track on the bridge was started on the land and pushed out over the water, to meet up with the track they were already adding to the side of the towers

When the presentation was over, we were split into two groups for an engineering challenge.  Each group had to decide a project manager and were also assigned a Quantity Surveyor and a Health & Safety Officer.  These officers had to take their jobs very seriously in organising the rest of the team for the building a bridge challenge.    We had to split the two groups in half, with each half building a half of the team bridge, to be joined up with the other half when completed.  We had to follow structural plans, understanding plan views and elevation side and end views in order to build our bridges correctly.  We also had to bring in and apply everything we have already learned about group work, and I must also add that Elaine complimented the children on their level of discussion and recognition of effective group work.  Well done again, P6/7!!

Once the bridges were built, our workshop ended and we had some time to eat our lunch, look through binoculars at the bridges, read the info boards and study the models.  Then it was to the bus and home!

A great day and we learned so much about bridges, which is going to be a great help for our further topic work.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

WInter Forest Night

Thank you to everyone who came along to our  "Winter Forest Night" this week. On display were the amazing willow lanterns and glass jar lanterns, made by the pupils with the help of the Emma from the RSPB.  We played some games in the dark and were entertained by the local ukalale orchestra while we enjoyed some soup. We finished off by toasting marshmallows on our camp fire and singing some campfire songs. A great night was had by all.