Thursday, 12 November 2015

Pasta and Bridges?

The children had a practical engineering challenge as part of their topic lesson today, and were solving the problem of how to use what they have learned so far about bridges to design a free-standing bridge which could support a 250g bag of sugar, but using only spaghetti, rubber bands and sticky tape.   

We have talked a lot about how triangles are a shape frequently used in bridge design due to their excellent ability to support structures and improve stability, so we decided it would be wise to try to include them in our construction.

The children were very excited to get started on their challenge and had a brilliant first attempt, with lots of different designs, although some were more successful than others.  We will be revisiting each group's design and construction to see what they planned well, and how it could be made even better.

(This challenge  is a STEM challenge designed and set by the James Dyson Foundation.)

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