Thursday, 28 January 2016

School closed

Due to the power cut school will be closed today (Friday 29th)

2 nd attempt at spaghetti bridges

On the 28.1.16 p 6, 7 tried again at building bridges out of spaghetti. It was really fun. A lot of spaghetti was on the floor. At the end we had a big tidy. The reason why we did it again was to see if we had improved on our bridge knowledge. The first group finished was able to fit 3 bags of sugar onto it's bridge (1 bag of sugar was 250 g per bag, so all together it weighed 750 g of sugar.) 1 other group's bridge  held 3 bags as well. Also at the end we all had to answer a info sheet about the spaghetti bridge.

by the ICT Club

Human cantilevers update

Today in class we were working on our human cantilevers. We have already completed two but we still had another three to build.(If you want to see the two first completed ones check the other human cantilever post!)
Here is a picture of the original cantilever.

Here are some pictures of the human cantilevers we did today we enjoyed doing it so we hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did making them.

by the ICT club

Alice Seymour

In class ( 21.1.2016 ) a nice lady called Alice Seymour sent in some of her memories from when the Forth Rail Bridge was being built. Alice had typed up some information for us about how some of her family were killed trying to build the bridge. For example her Father Peter McLucas ( her maiden name) was a painter on the bridge in the 1940's and 50's. There was no health and safety then and the men had no special clothes or special  equipment to keep them safe when working. He died from the paint red lead ( the paint had a lead base which is now banned but the men did not know that the paint was making them ill). Near the end we all had to write a letter back saying thank you and something about the information so Alice knew we were listening. What I remember is the story of a 13 year old boy fell and landed at his farther's feet (all the class gasped).
by the ICT Club

Thursday, 21 January 2016

K'nex Queensferry crossing bridge

This week our class was building a K'nex Queensferry crossing bridge. It was very interesting and we learned loads about the way cable stayed bridges work. We managed to build it over 1 hour in groups. First we made the stand and then we made the cables coming out of it then we build on the road part.
Here is a picture of what the Queensferry crossing is going to look like.

Here is a picture of the k'nex Queensferry crossing.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

K'nex Forth Rail Bridge

On Thursday our class was working on our bridge topic. We were building a scale model of the Forth Rail Bridge using K'nex.  This also tied in with our maths which is scale. 
This bridge was very fun for all the class to build. We all had turns at different jobs such as manager, time keeper, resource manager and encourager. The time was probably about 60 mins to build the separate group parts and 10 minutes to put them all together.Displaying IMG_7674.JPGDisplaying IMG_7674.JPGDisplaying IMG_7674.JPGDisplaying IMG_7674.JPGDisplaying IMG_7674.JPG

Displaying IMG_7674.JPG

Displaying IMG_7674.JPG


Our human cantilever!

P6/7 have spent the last couple of topic lessons devising their plans for using people and classroom objects to demonstrate the cantilever principle, used by Sir Benjamin Baker in the design of the Forth Rail Bridge.  The children used Baker's original photo from 1887 to guide them and came up with some very inspired ideas, like using upturned jotter trays as a seat!  This experiment familiarises the children with the forces of tension and compression, crucial in designing and building bridges.  (Ask them to demonstrate these forces to you using your hands.)

One group  had a successful construction so far, with more trying it out tomorrow.   We definitely can't claim that engineering is boring!


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Daily Mile

We are all still enjoying the daily mile in school.  A lot of us have set ourselves personal targets to do with the daily mile.  Some of us are trying to run the majority of the mile instead of walking most of it.  Some of us are timing ourselves running the mile to see if we can improve our time each day.  Some people are trying to push themselves to go a bit further than just a mile by doing an extra lap or two of the route.  Why don't you try doing a daily mile at home to get yourself fitter!

By the ICT Club

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all pupils, family and friends!!! We are only two days into our new term here in P6/7 and we are already being worked hard by Miss McLaren.    On our first day back we received and discussed feedback on a reading assignment we completed just before the holidays and then participated in a little "speed-dating" in Maths! (We designed quizzes in groups to revise and remember what we had been learning about angles and compasses before we went on holiday, and we hot-seated around the room, completing as many quizzes as possible!)  The afternoon saw our first Daily Mile of the term, followed by our new personal and academic resoutions for 2016, which we are making into colourful mobiles to hang in the classroom.

Today we were adding detail to the characters we have been creating for our plays, which will be our writing focus for the first part of this term.  Some very detailed, interesting and well thought out characters were described to Miss McLaren, who was most impressed!  Maths comprised of getting to know how to recognise and calculate/measure compass bearings, which we will use with co-ordinates (once we have covered them) to create and map out some treasure hunts in the school grounds.   

This afternoon we discussed our Christmas Spirit homework grid and the reasons behind Miss McLaren asking us to try the tasks - it turns out lots of us nearly completed the whole sheet! Happy teacher.    We then had a snowball fight - we each wrote down one way in which we think one of the tasks we completed had a positive effect on someone else, scrumpled up our bits of paper and threw them in the air!  We each got to read out another person's snowball (although we didn't know whose they were!) and try to work out who wrote it.  In the end, we were allowed to throw them back at Miss McLaren and Mrs McKenzie, who were very wise to turn around first!  The day ended with some tennis at PE, which we will be finishing off over the next few weeks before moving on to dancing.  

We will also be back to studying our bridge topic over the next few weeks as we didn't quite get enough covered before Christmas mayhem hit us last term.

It's looking like a busy and exciting term, but it'll be Easter before we know it!