Monday, 29 February 2016

Glasgow Warriors Press Conference

On Tuesday the 16th of February Hollie and Lily-Belle from the Press Gang jumped in the car and raced of to Scotstoun, at the Glasgow Warriors rugby pitch. It was there that we witnessed a press conference where  journalists from STV interviewed 3 Glasgow Warriors. There were also 2 school children that had won a competition and were also able to ask Ali Price and Greg Peterson the questions they had come up with. We were fortunate enough to meet these two rugby players.  

Greg Peterson has the position of Lock which is part of the defence in rugby. He is 6 ft 8 which means he is one of the most tallest players in his club. 
Ali Price plays as the number 9 and is in the scrum half, this means that he passes the ball into the scrum and tries to get the ball to the three quarter backs.

That was our experience of going to the Glasgow Warriors and we hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did!! Bye for now!

Lily- Belle and Hollie

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Topic Social Targets

As part of our group projects on Natural Disasters, each group is working on a social target. We decide our social target at the start of each topic session. Some of the targets include positivity, better listening, better time management, staying focussed, tidy up on time, everyone knowing what to do and getting everything done. At the end of each session we evaluate how well we got on with our social target.

              By the ICT Club

Topic update

At the moment we are busy working on our Natural Disaster research projects.  The groups have all decided on their schedules and are now working through them.   So far we have been working on making presentations, making working models that show how that specific natural disaster happens and writing reports about them. We are having lots of fun working on all these things. We still have a lot of work to do on these projects.  We have a deadline of the end of next week to get everything finished.  

Here are some pictures of our work in progress.  Be warned there are a lot of pictures!

Here is one of the presentations:

Here are some of the models

And here are some surfboards!

By the ICT Club

The Class Novel Part 2

 It was August. It was hot, it was so hot sweat was dripping down from Saint's head. On the way to Jackson Square Saint could smell red beans cooking, he thought, after he is done he will get some fries and lemonade. When he got there he tossed his hat on the ground then threw 2 or 3 rocks in it ( to stop it blowing away). Then took out his clarinet and imagined his hat full of money. Soon he got a 5 dollar bill quickly he folded the money and put it in his pouch on his ankle. A friend of Saints called Jasmine Jupiter, Jupi / Star girl because she new a lots about star ( she also has a crush on Saint). Now she can read hands and wanted to do saints, so he let her. But it was not good she said "You will have a short life."
 Saint was so mad he said "I can't stand you.'' After she left he felt sad he did not mean it.

by the ICT Club

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Scotland vs England Rugby Match

On Saturday some of the pupils and parents made their way through to Edinburgh for the Scotland vs England rugby match at Murrayfield. It was a great day out (apart from the score). 
By the ict club

Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Blog about Blogging!

Last week in school we were introduced to our new learning blogs! We all had great fun writing about what we thought a learning blog was for. The blog is really cool because you can add backgrounds and pictures and put on vlogs (video blogs)! We worked out how to make a profile picture for your name so whenever you sign in to the blogs you can see your picture next to your name. If you have a child in primary 6/7 then ask them to show the blogs we have written as the link is in the google classroom. They are very interesting and we will update them regularly so you can read them with your child.
Image result for somebody learning

By the ICT Club

The Class Novel Part 1

In class Miss McLaren is reading Saint Louis Armstrong Beach to us, and the author is Brenda Woods. We are all enjoying the novel. So far in the novel a boy called Saint Louis Armstrong Beach ( The title of the novel ). He has to feed a dog called Shadow every Saturday, Saint is also a good musician and goes every day to play his clarinet at Jackson Square, a place were tourists visit. His old best friend Money ( she got the nickname from her little cousin who could not say MonaLisa so it just stuck, but she told everyone to stop but Saint did not listen). Now she does not talk to him for 3 reasons, all to do with growing up. Her friends all call him little boy. One day Saint was going to see if Money was ok, so when he knocked on the door an older boy opened it, when he looked inside he saw alcohol on the coffee table. Inside Money's friends gave him a cup of alcohol then he saw Money with 2 bottles of alcohol  he put the cup down then went home. The next day Moneys Mum came over the 2 Mums talked and called Saint. Money had told her Mum that Saint told her to drink but she did not. He denied this and Moneys Mum left. At church Money was stopped from going to the alter she had been crying. That is were the story ends ( For now)! 

                                                                             by the ICT Club

Press Gang Update

The press gang have been writing letters to the Queen and emailing the radio recently. We have invited  the Queen to the school to see all the amazing things we are doing and all the great things we have in our school such as all the activities in the woods and see all the waterproofs and the pitch that all the school loves.  We could also tell her about all the exciting things we are learning about.

We also emailed the radio and we emailed Knoxy. Then after a couple of  days she replied back and it said...
By the ICT Club

The Pea Shoots Are Finally For Sale

Next Wednesday during lunch break the Gardening Gang are going to be selling the pea shoots we planted (see last blog). They are 50p each so give your children the money for one if you would like one. We don't have enough for two each but in one plant we put in about 10 seeds so you will get your moneys worth! For those who are thinking what is a pea shoot? Well it is a kind of salad plant which can be eaten on its own or with a salad. You just cut off a piece of the shoot and it will grow back!

Here are some of our pea shoots we are planning to sell!!!

by the ICT Club

Strictly Come Buy It Thank You

P4/5 have just bought 5 new chrome books for the school. We bought them using the money raised from our  Strictly Come Buy It enterprise topic.  We would like to thank everyone for their support with this.

by the ICT club

Thursday, 4 February 2016

New Topic Announcement!!

Yesterday we found out our new topic is................ Natural disasters! We are going to be learning about lots of types of natural disasters such as: avalanches, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, typhoons and giant hailstones. We have got into groups and each has tasks to do such as make a working model of your groups chosen disaster, and making a presentation that is almost 10 minutes long. On our own we have to research as much as we can about our natural disaster and so on. We all think this is going to be a fun topic!

by the ICT club

Volcano Art

Today we were making pictures of volcanoes using a lot of paint! We all made a picture of a volcano using lots of different techniques such as blowing through a straw, sponging, flicking and lots of other ways! It was a lot of fun making them and we probably got more paint on us than the paper because of all the paint that was being flicked! 

Here are some of the ones we made:

by the ICT club

Gardening Gang Pea Shoots

On Tuesday the gardening gang planted pea shoots to sell in a few weeks time. We had lots of fun planting them. We were planting them in milk cartons that we had collected. We are also looking for old clean thin tights to use for a craft.