Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Class Novel Part 1

In class Miss McLaren is reading Saint Louis Armstrong Beach to us, and the author is Brenda Woods. We are all enjoying the novel. So far in the novel a boy called Saint Louis Armstrong Beach ( The title of the novel ). He has to feed a dog called Shadow every Saturday, Saint is also a good musician and goes every day to play his clarinet at Jackson Square, a place were tourists visit. His old best friend Money ( she got the nickname from her little cousin who could not say MonaLisa so it just stuck, but she told everyone to stop but Saint did not listen). Now she does not talk to him for 3 reasons, all to do with growing up. Her friends all call him little boy. One day Saint was going to see if Money was ok, so when he knocked on the door an older boy opened it, when he looked inside he saw alcohol on the coffee table. Inside Money's friends gave him a cup of alcohol then he saw Money with 2 bottles of alcohol  he put the cup down then went home. The next day Moneys Mum came over the 2 Mums talked and called Saint. Money had told her Mum that Saint told her to drink but she did not. He denied this and Moneys Mum left. At church Money was stopped from going to the alter she had been crying. That is were the story ends ( For now)! 

                                                                             by the ICT Club

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