Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Class Novel Part 2

 It was August. It was hot, it was so hot sweat was dripping down from Saint's head. On the way to Jackson Square Saint could smell red beans cooking, he thought, after he is done he will get some fries and lemonade. When he got there he tossed his hat on the ground then threw 2 or 3 rocks in it ( to stop it blowing away). Then took out his clarinet and imagined his hat full of money. Soon he got a 5 dollar bill quickly he folded the money and put it in his pouch on his ankle. A friend of Saints called Jasmine Jupiter, Jupi / Star girl because she new a lots about star ( she also has a crush on Saint). Now she can read hands and wanted to do saints, so he let her. But it was not good she said "You will have a short life."
 Saint was so mad he said "I can't stand you.'' After she left he felt sad he did not mean it.

by the ICT Club

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