Thursday, 24 March 2016

Childline workshop

Yesterday our class had a workshop from Childline which was very interesting.

First we were introduced to the lady from Childline who was doing the workshop with us who was called Rose. She then put on a slideshow about Childline. We were told about what Childline does and how they help children. After that we did a quiz in which we were given a statement about what is right to do and what is wrong. We then had to put our thumbs up or down depending on whether we agreed or not. We then had another quiz like the one before about sexual abuse. Once we had finished that we were shown a video about a boy called Guy and his life. Guy was neglected, left out in school and was really unhappy and grumpy. Then one day he called Childline who gave him some help soon after that he had more friends and was more happy so everyone liked him and accepted him more. Once we had discussed the video we were given out small activity packs called buddy packs that had a fortune teller, a certificate for completing the workshop and a sheet about what makes you feel happy and safe. Then Rose left and we worked on our activity packs.
By the ICT Club

Primary 7 Sports Relief Topic

Over the last week primary 7 have been learning about Sports Relief for our topic.
It has been a fun experience because we were doing a posters and leaflets and researching all about the different things to do with Sports Relief. You will all see it at the spring show where we will have a stall. It was really fun doing all that. 
The leaflets contain information about sports relief like their aim and who it benefits and other interesting facts. 

By the ICT Club

Friday, 18 March 2016

Hopscotch theatre group

Yesterday afternoon the people from the Hopscotch Theatre came to do a play for everybody in the school. We were very lucky we got to see this show because the school did not actually pay for it, the parent council did. The play was about the rights of the child.  It was about a boy called Ryan who decided to give up all of his rights but finds out life is not very good without them. It was very funny but very good at the same time and I really enjoyed it.

By The ICT Club

Thursday, 17 March 2016

P6/7 Maths

In Primary six/seven we are doing multiplication chimney sums. It was fun, but not all of us understand so Miss McLaren helped them, then it was fine. After a while we got on to two number times sums like 345 x 25.  We managed these quite well.  We also got homework like this. For the homework you got to choose out of three different levels, which one you wanted to do. You were to choose the one you thought would be the biggest challenge for you.

By the ICT Club

P6 Fairtrade Topic

Today in class we were doing our topic which is Fairtrade. We started by 2 of us going around the classes and telling them all about our Fairtrade wrapper collecting scheme. Basically we are collecting wrappers with the Fairtrade logo on them to make a large collage with. After that we split into groups, with each group having a different job to do.  There were researchers, leaflet makers, poster makers. We all made good progress with our jobs. We learned a lot about Fairtrade but I won't write it down as you will learn it all at our Spring show as we will have an information stall for you to see! One pupil made badges for us all to wear when doing our topic.
Here is a picture of the badges:

By the ICT Club

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Outdoor Maths

Yesterday P6/7 went outdoors for our maths!

First we went in to teams which were P6 vs P7! Then we all went in to the forest and collected sticks for our teams. Once we had collected as many sticks as we could we went back up to the big playground. Then each team were given a times table. The P6s were given the 7 times table and the P7s were given the 8. We all had to work together to write the times table. We were given 10 minutes to complete the task and the P6s completed it but the P7s did complete but it was a bit muddled up

After that we went over to the other side of the playground. We went in to our topic groups. After we were in our groups 
we all got a piece of chalk and drew out a hopscotch grid. Once we had drawn out the grid we were given a times table and we had to write a sum from that times table in each box in the grid. These activities helped us with times tables and teamwork.

Here are some pictures from our outdoor maths:

By The ICT Club

School Lunches

 At school we have been trying a new lunch menu. This involves a school packed lunch.  A quarter of the children at school have school packed lunch. Almost all the children who had the school packed lunch have said that the food is really good (I agree). The food you get is 4 square sandwiches or a roll cut in half for your main, for dessert a yoghurt or a muffin, veg carrot or cucumber or pepper and to drink you get milk or water. So that is really the menu a part from the hot menu today (10.3.2016) you had Mince Pie and for dessert ice cream and shortie biscuit or yoghurt.

by the ICT Club

Thursday, 3 March 2016

P6 Rugby festival

Today the P6's went to a rugby festival. We were playing touch rugby which is different to full contact rugby as you are not allowed to tackle he same way because you just tap them in the hips and say tackle. We played 5 games, won 3 and lost 2. We came 2nd place out of 6 schools which means that we get to go through to the finals!

We all got a medal and here is a picture of one:

By The ICT Club

Topic Presentations

Today in class four of the groups showed their natural disasters presentations.  This involved showing their models, giving an oral presentation and sharing their slideshows.  Two groups did volcanoes. One group had an erupting volcano model! It was so good. They used vinegar, baking powder and soap to make the eruption! It was so cool! Another group did tsunami.  They had a complex model to show how a tsunami happened. All the groups were good. On Monday the last groups will go. 

By the ICT Club

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Natural Disasters topic presentations

The children have been hard at work today, finishing off and perfecting their presentations for their natural disasters topic which they will be presenting tomorrow.  Lots of hard work and collaboration happening!

Watch this space for an update on how they all did!