Thursday, 24 March 2016

Childline workshop

Yesterday our class had a workshop from Childline which was very interesting.

First we were introduced to the lady from Childline who was doing the workshop with us who was called Rose. She then put on a slideshow about Childline. We were told about what Childline does and how they help children. After that we did a quiz in which we were given a statement about what is right to do and what is wrong. We then had to put our thumbs up or down depending on whether we agreed or not. We then had another quiz like the one before about sexual abuse. Once we had finished that we were shown a video about a boy called Guy and his life. Guy was neglected, left out in school and was really unhappy and grumpy. Then one day he called Childline who gave him some help soon after that he had more friends and was more happy so everyone liked him and accepted him more. Once we had discussed the video we were given out small activity packs called buddy packs that had a fortune teller, a certificate for completing the workshop and a sheet about what makes you feel happy and safe. Then Rose left and we worked on our activity packs.
By the ICT Club

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