Thursday, 10 March 2016

Outdoor Maths

Yesterday P6/7 went outdoors for our maths!

First we went in to teams which were P6 vs P7! Then we all went in to the forest and collected sticks for our teams. Once we had collected as many sticks as we could we went back up to the big playground. Then each team were given a times table. The P6s were given the 7 times table and the P7s were given the 8. We all had to work together to write the times table. We were given 10 minutes to complete the task and the P6s completed it but the P7s did complete but it was a bit muddled up

After that we went over to the other side of the playground. We went in to our topic groups. After we were in our groups 
we all got a piece of chalk and drew out a hopscotch grid. Once we had drawn out the grid we were given a times table and we had to write a sum from that times table in each box in the grid. These activities helped us with times tables and teamwork.

Here are some pictures from our outdoor maths:

By The ICT Club

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  1. This was so fun wish we could do it everyday!